Islandhunde aus Vinkona

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For my D-litter I have choosen "Arnarstada Tryggur". He is living in Switzerland and he is a very
smart male. He has a very good temper and he is calmer than our Frekja. He is HD-B (good) and he
also has double dew claws on the behind legs.

He has been mating Frekja without any problems and we got on June 1st, 2012, the litter with:
4 males and 1 female. Darki has double dew claws on 3 legs!

1-7dreyri1 1-7dimmi-2 1-7darki2 theo-dromi 1000drafna
 dreyri ol1500  dimmi-2014 1500  darki  dromi-6-12 drafna-2014
right double, left single
dew claws
HD-A1, excellent,
breed for lifetime

left double, right single
dew claws
HD-A1, excellent
double dew claws
on 3 paws
HD-B/B, fair
double dew claws
double dew claws
HD A/A excellent


tryggur1000-1 tryggur1000-2
Arnarstada Tryggur, WT:2.9.08
HD-B/B, AU o.B., SHSB677142

Arnarstada Tryggur
, WT: 2.9.2008, HD B/B, eyes clear,  IS 12569/08, SHSB 677142
double dew claws and full dentition, (Pedigree)

Tryggur has been showed on dog shows and he got several times "excellent"!!!!