Islandhunde aus Vinkona

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Our puppies are doing very well- they have good weights and grow very fast! More pics following soon!!!

img 1009-1500

Date of birth: August 21st, 2013, 4 femals and 2 males!
3 female red/white,1 female black-tri, 1 male red/white, 1 male black-tri!
Unfortunately 1 female died August 22nd, she was to small!!!

laski1000 eski 1000  eljao4 1500  elin 2 1000 elva-show
e-39b e-38b e-42b e-41b e-40b
emale1 emale2 elja 1 elin 1 elva 1

Einar-Laski  male 1,
double dew claws,
fair hips B/B

Eski - male 2, double
dew claws,
full dentition,
excellent hips A1
Elja - female
double dew claws,
full dentition
Elín - female,
double dew claws,
full dentition,
excellent hips A1
Elva - female
double dew claws


For my E-litter I have choosen a nice short-hair male. Isdalur Freki
is born September 17th. 2011, hip result excellent A2, full dentition,
double dew claws and 47 cm height. He has a very nice temper and
he has mated Frekja on June 19th without any problems!
So we hope for the puppies about August 22nd.
Please don't hesitate to contact us - if you are interested in a puppy out of this litter!

freki schnee2

Isdalur's Freki, HD-F A2, WT: 17.9.2013
His parents are: Hit v. Schloss Neubronn and Isdalur's Askur
Freki has been showed several times with excellent results!!!!