Islandhunde aus Vinkona

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Sagahundens Rafni and Frekja are proud to present their 4 boys, born 7th November 2011:


rdeb1-2011 rdeb2-2011 rdeb3-2011 rdeb4-2011
hp-bakur hp-bfi3 hp-bersi dr-brami
male 1, double dew claws
Bakur, HD-excellent A
male 2, double dew claws
Bófi - HD-excellent A1
male 3, single dew claws
Bersi - HD excellent A2
male 4, double dew claws
Brami - HD excellent A2,
clear eyes

Sagahundens Rafni, birth: 7.6.2009, DK 12245/2009, HD-free A/A, no eye desease ,
full dentition, double dewclaws behind. He is 46 cm high (Pedigree) (AT-Bilder)
Rafni is a very nice and friendly young male.
Frekja has been mated with Sagahundens Rafni on September 2nd and 4th, so we are expecting or B-litter early in November!
If you are interested in a puppy of this special litter, please don't hesitate to contact us!
rafni1000x780_portrait rafni-stand_1000

His parents are: Solargeisli Reiki, HD-free A/A und Ástvinur Eistla, HD-free B

Rafni has reached already successful results on two dog shows - twice excellent!
For Rafni it will be first time to mate - I am very curious about he will behave and I am looking forward to this litter!