Islandhunde aus Vinkona

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McEremons Kiva has been bred to Brami a. Vinkona
on November 13th, 2014. So we will be lucky to have
puppies in mid Januar 2015!
If you are interested in a puppy of this hopefully litter -
don't hesitate to contact us!!!

cacib kiva 1000 brami2

McEremons Kiva, HD-F A2, clear
eyes, excellent hips, full dentiton,
single dew claws,
breeding until 8 years
Brami a. Vinkona, Hd-F A2, clear eyes,
excellent hips, double dew claws,
breeding lifetime

The hip result of Kiva has arrived:

HD-free excellent A2 - We are very happy!!!

E-litter summer 2013
Frekja has been mated with Isdalur's Freki, June 19th, 2013! So we hope for a healthy litter in August!
Isdalur's Freki is shorthaired, has HD-free A2 hips, clear eyes, full dentition, double dew claws and 47 cm height.
Frekja is pregnant!!!
If you are interested in a puppy out of this interesting litter - please don't hesitate to contact us!

frekja freki1500
  Multi CH Frekja and Isdalur's Freki

All puppies have found their forever homes!!!
Frekja's puppies are born as well, June 1st, she delivered 4 males and 1 female!
The puppies are born! Blídka has her first litter with 2 males and 2 females, we are very lucky. Mom and puppies are well!

Frekja is in heat - so we will start to get the litter with "Arnarstada Tryggur", she has been mated with Tryggur April 3rd, 2012, so we hope for another litter approx. June 5th!

Isdalur's Blßidka has been mated to Álmur a. Vinkona on March 18th, so we hope for puppies approx. May 21st!

For the next litter with Frekja, I have planned to use "Arnarstada Tryggur".

Good news, Arni's eyes are free of any disease!!! (26.10.2011)

Ocotber 5th: Now I am sure, Frekja is pregnant, she sleeps a lot and she likes only special food, she doesn't want to get out when it's raining ....

Yesterday at the Show in Hockenheim, Frekja got Excellent1, Anw.Dt.Ch. VDH, CAC, Judge was Mrs Gabriela Richard!!!! Since end of September Frekja has a new title: DCHN-Champion!!!

Frekja has been mated with Sagahundens Rafni on September 2nd and 4th, so we are waiting for puppies at the beginning of November!
Frekja started today (August 21st) in her heat!!!! So we have an easy drive to Denmark! Sagahundens Rafni is waiting for us!

The last hip-result has arrived - Asbjörn is also HD-Free A2 - Congratulations Family DiDio!
What a great result of this litter! We are very proud of it.

For the next litter we have chosen the male - you can see Sagahundens Rafni under B-Litter!

World Dog Show in Paris July, 2011

We have had great success! Álmur got in Junior Class his first excellent on the second place. It was his first show!!! Congratulations Anke, you and Álmur have done so well!
Audna-Stelpa startet in Open Class as youngest female and she got excellent 2, RCACS! I am so happy and proud that I was allowed to handle her!!
Thanks a lot Ruth and Raymond and Congratulations!!!

The next hips-results have arrived: Álmur and Arni - both are HD-free A1!!! Super Anke and Tanja, Congratulations!

Audna-Stelpa has been ex-rayed, she is A/A! I am very happy about it. Congratulations, Ruth!

We are planning our next litter in late summer. We still looking for a nice male and we will inform you soon.

Frekja's eyes has been checked again (April 5th, Dr. S. Mitra), no eye desease!

Frekja has new title VDH-Champion!!!