Islandhunde aus Vinkona

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 For Frekja's first litter I decided to use a male imported from Sweden, Mon Gards Jarpi . Jarpi has full dentition and double dewclaws behind. He is 44 cm high. (Pedigree)

Mon Gards Jarpi, birth: 3.5.2004, S41491/2004, HD-F A1, no eye desease

jarpi-frekja 300


The A-Litter was born February 2nd, 2010, 3 males and 1 female!
Here some pictures of the puppies:

arni066 lmur-gro
Arni HD-F A1, no eye disease
double dewclaws right, one left
Álmur HD-F A1, no eye disease,
double dewclaws behind
sbrn-5.4.11_2 stelpa6-11
Ásbjörn, HD-F A2, double dewclaws behind,
full dentition
Audna-Stelpa HD A/A, no eye disease,
double dewclaws behind


Parents of Jarpi: Spori N10107/96, HD-F A, a male breeded in Norway and Ullälvas Sokka, S48570/97, HD-F A, a female breeded by Lillemor Kulmann in Sweden.