Islandhunde aus Vinkona

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Sunday, 01 March 2009 18:57

Frekja has been born on September 23rd, 2006 in Stykkisholmur/Iceland. She has 3 litter-sisters and 1 litter-brother. She came by airplane on December14th, 2006 to Frankfurt and I was so lucky to keep her in my arms. This little pup had no trouble on the flight. Frekja is my challenge but we love her so much. She is a clever and intelligent little female.

frekja-hp 2x1 frekja-stamm-ausschnitt8x7


ICH/VDH, DCNH, LUX.-CH Frekja, IS 10434/07, DCNH 0498/07, HD-C1, no eye desease, Height 40 cm, double dewclaws behind. Pedigree

Frekja's parents: Eldhamars Freyr IS 0834-04 and Hnúks Luska IS 05978-01. Both have double dewclaws behind and HD-A and free of any eye desease.

freyr 5x5luska 5x3